SUMAQ was born after a beautiful experience in the rural areas of the country, where we were able to value the geographical wealth and abundant resources that the nature of Peru generously provides to the world since pre-Inca times.

This experience inspired the dream of generating a brand that not only offers good hair care products, but furthermore, dives and travels through an exclusive selection of assets from different geographical areas of the coast, the Andes and the jungle of Peru, towards a world of sensations and experiences, connecting with the exotic side of such places that most often are difficult to reach and explore.

Under this inspiring conviction SUMAQ was born, a Peruvian brand that offers to the world of cosmetics the legacy of an ancient culture and great benefits for the hair, combining technology with the most recognized active ingredients of the deep, unique and undeniable nature of Peru.

We offer to the world the beauty of SUMAQ as a natural and exceptional experience, with an exclusive portfolio of products for maximum hair health care.

Millenary Natural Oils

Sumaq Natural Oils stands out for its formula, which is the result of the delicate incorporation of ancient natural oils, with extensive benefits in hair cosmetics. It contains argan, macadamia and jojoba oils, rich in antioxidant and repairing substances, in addition to the exclusive Sacha Inchi Organic Oil, known as the "Peanut of the Incas", an exquisite oils blend supported by oil-soluble vegetable Keratin, which allows immediate and deep action.

Kiwicha: The Jewel of the Andes

Line created with the powerful active ingredient of Andean origin, the Kiwicha, known as superfood. The Kiwicha is one of the few grains that the NASA itself uses as part of the special nutrients considered in spaceflights due to its high content of vitamins, proteins, minerals, lipids and essential fatty acids. Sumaq Kiwicha has an extraordinary anti-frizz power and intensively helps to have a more hydrated, soft and shiny hair.

Maca: The Inca Food

Line developed with the ancestral Maca, an invigorating Andean superfood, rich in minerals, antioxidants and protective actives, in addition to amino acids and free sugars as well, which acts revitalizing, hydrating and nourishing the hair fiber. Sumaq Maca helps on a sustained basis to recover hydration, strength, vitality and silkiness required by hair fiber.

Black Quinoa: The Inca Grain

Line designed with the millenary Black Quinoa or Royal Quinoa, known as the “Golden grain of the Incas”. Since pre Columbian times it was an essential part of the diet and nutrition of the Inca civilization, due to its high provision of vitamins (B, E), minerals, amino acids, sugars, proteins, among other nutritional components valuable for health. Sumaq Black Quinoa helps on a sustained basis to recover hydration, strength, vitality and hair restructuring.

Sacha Inchi: The Inca Peanut

This line has been developed with a millenary active ingredient known as the “Peanut of the Incas”, recognized for its high nutritional value and benefits for health. The Sacha Inchi provides a unique source of specialized fatty acids that help regenerating the surface of hair fiber, promoting the reinforcement of the barrier function and ceramides precursor molecules (nutrition); in addition to generating hydration mechanisms and normalization of surface restoration processes. Sumaq Sacha Inchi helps on a sustained basis to recover hydration, nutrition and shine.

Camu Camu: The Amazon Pearl

Line designed with the Amazon natural extract of Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia), fruit recognized for having one of the highest content of vitamin C in the world. In popular Peruvian culture it is used to regenerate wounds and scars. Sumaq Camu Camu, helps keeping the hair revitalized and renewed, preventing the damage caused by external agents by generating constant hydration mechanisms.

Cat's Claw: Amazon Bark

This line has been developed with the millenary Cat´s Claw extract, which use dates back more than 2000 years, when native Amazon tribes used it to treat burns, inflammatory processes and various ailments that affected health. Sumaq Cat´s Claw contains powerful antioxidants and regenerating nutrients that trigger several processes of cellular self-protection, which generate beneficial processes such as an increased strength, hair softness and elasticity, as well as promoting the scalp’s health and vitality.

Purple Maize: Healthy Heritage

Purple Maize (Zea mays), native to the Andes and traditionally cultivated in Peru, is an ancestral treasure that holds the secrets of youth. Given its nourishing and medicinal properties, in addition to its exquisite flavor and aroma, it is considered a superfood. Represented in Mochica ceramics, its historical relevance endures. An elixir for hair and capillary well-being, an unparalleled treatment for the hair fiber, with phytonutrients and powerful antioxidant properties.

Goldenberry: Treasure of the Andes

From the mysterious Peruvian Andes emerges the Goldenberry (Physalis peruviana), an ancestral legacy. Its bittersweet taste and exquisite fragrance conquered the world, and is one of the top five Peruvian treasures used for health. Rich in vitamins C and A, this antioxidant elixir protects the hair exposed to harsh weather conditions and free radicals. Its essential nutrients act as a protective shield by strengthening and revitalizing each hair strand. Goldenberry, a hair secret revealed by SUMAQ.