BIPHASIC - Detangling Treatment

The Goldenberry (Physalis peruviana) treasure of the Peruvian Andes, is a millenary fruit used since pre-Hispanic times as a powerful source of antioxidants and multiple vitamins. Its bittersweet taste and exquisite aroma that have the world at its feet, have made it one of the five best foods produced in Peru for health.


Main Benefits

– It has a high content of vitamins C and A. These antioxidant vitamins help protect the hair from oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals, which slows hair aging.

– Contains vitamin B, calcium, iron and phosphorus, which are key nutrients to strengthen the immune system.

– The goldenberry acts as a hair protective shield by strengthening its structure and revitalizing the hair fiber. This helps preventing hair weakness and breakage, especially due to external aggressions such as sun exposure or use of heat tools.

Instantly Detangles, Moisturizes, Conditions and Nourishes. Controls Frizz and Volume


The only hair detangler with all the benefits and power of goldenberry. Its delicious formula instantly untangles, conditions and nourishes the hair, leaving it with no frizz, soft and manageable.

BIPHASIC – Goldenberry

Detangling Treatment